Maps Maponyane wears matching outfit with his mother on their weekend away. Leaving fans astonished

It’s doesn’t matter how grown you are, when your mother is around you literally become a baby. What’s funny is that you don’t even notice it. Because it is something that comes natural. Which is a good a thing it makes sure you still have a bond.

Maps Maponyane is our favourite mama’s boy. The multitalented star adores his mother and is not afraid to show it. Him and his mother are very close, so much that they always go for golf dates. We don’t think there’s any make celebrity that spends time with their mother like him.





He shared pictures of himself and his mother looking adorable. He captioned them “Matching with my partner today!💙 Mother-Son weekend away at the beautiful.” They definitely nailed the blue look. Not that we are surprised, Maps’ mother barely looks her age. So the matching works pretty well for them. His fans couldn’t stop gushing over them.