Maps Maponyane meets Zakes Bantwini in the United kingdom and bought new watches

Maps Maponyane meets Zakes Bantwini, who has been in Europe for a long time. They met and even bought watches. Zakes was in the studio during the week and what is fascinating is that it is for him having to make music in the European world. The best you can get is to play with the best in the game. That is why Zakes is going big.


Since being in Europe, he has not performed at the same slot as DJ Blackcoffee and it is something that many people would love to see. It is part of the industry where musicians grow apart and are independent as much as leaving their respective record companies. They have not mentioned working together again.





As for him having to chill with Maps Maponyane, they are having good moments and he is not into music. A man who surprised many people by appearing in mainstream media, but viewers were unable to figure out what he was up to. The big question was, what does Maps Maponyane do for a living?

He is famous as much as his father was. He has not said much about his source of income and not having to entertain the matter. He was having a great day with Zakes. Sometimes those uncomfortable questions are needed and they are coming from a place of interest. It is just a standard norm to ask someone about their source of income.


Along with Zakes Bantwini, he is a huge music producer and singer. People are not asking about his income because it is seen and available. His lifestyle comes from the music that has taken him to the world. He was working with DJ Blackcoffee, but he did not have a huge song than Osama as the main owner of the song, he 6 able to make it big.