Maps Maponyane leaves his fans in stitches with recent pictures.

We go through so much in life that it is necessary to have a sense of humour. To find things funny and always be on your best mood. Laughter has proven to less up our stress, even if it’s just for two seconds. One will find that life is easier when you laugh.






Multi talented Maps Maponyane has always shown a funny side to him. We saw him even starring on The Real Alisters of Mzansi, which was a reality show infused with comedy. He has worked wirh a number of brands such as Samsung and others.

He is currently outside of the country where he even attended the Afronation show. He is now in Amsterdam and he has shared pictures of himself, looking like the tourist that he is. He is standing next to the smallest car we’ve ever seen. He left his fans in stitches with the post. We wonder if he was able to fit in there.