Mantuli refuses to let Kwaito move to his own place with Lizzy

Mantuli refuses to let Kwaito move to his own place with Lizzy until her double-story is finished.In the world of South African television drama, “Skeem Saam” has consistently kept viewers engaged with its intricate family dynamics and evolving storylines. The recent plot twist involving Mantuli’s refusal to allow her son Kwaito to move out until their double-story home is completed adds a new layer of intrigue to the unfolding drama.


Mantuli, portrayed by Dieketseng Mnisi, is known for her strong-willed and traditional values. Her character has always been deeply involved in her children’s lives and is not one to let go easily. Kwaito, played by Clement Maosa, is no exception, and his desire to move out and start a new chapter in his life with Lizzy is met with resistance from his mother.

The centerpiece of this storyline is Mantuli’s insistence on completing the family’s double-story home before allowing Kwaito to move out. This demand stems from her strong belief in maintaining familial bonds and tradition. In Mantuli’s eyes, family unity and the completion of the house are intertwined.

This plot twist raises questions about the balance between individual aspirations and family obligations. Kwaito’s desire to be independent and start a life with Lizzy clashes with his mother’s deeply held values and her desire to see the family’s dreams realized.

As the storyline unfolds, viewers are divided in their opinions. Some empathize with Mantuli’s desire to see the house completed as a symbol of family unity and hard work, while others argue that Kwaito should have the freedom to make his own choices, including where and with whom he chooses to live.

“Skeem Saam” continues to captivate its audience with its relatable family dynamics and the intricate web of emotions that come with them. The tension between Mantuli and Kwaito serves as a reminder of the age-old struggle between generational values and the desire for individual independence.