MaNgwabe Left Fans In Tears After She Revealed The Reason Why She Doesn’t Want Her Kids To be Abused

She broke the hearts of her fans when she explained why she doesn’t want her children to experience abuse:

Twitter page with the hashtag #Uthandonesthembu and the most recent episode of Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161.

In light of the fact that they avoided discussing wife number five, today’s audience seems to have appreciated the program. MaNgwabe has so much affection for her children that she would do anything for them. She’s grateful that her daughter, who has a neurological disorder, is able to communicate despite it.

Audiences have praised the way Mbalis’s son and daughter approached her for permission and their father for financial support. Seeing this, we get a better appreciation for MaNgwabe’s tenderness toward her young. The situation when Thobole’s father sent Mangwabe’s children to open a gate was clearly a source of rage for her, and we hope that everyone can see why she felt that way today.

According to MaNgwabe, she attempted repairs twice without success and finally managed to have it fixed three times in the last kilometer.





MaNgwabe, her husband, and their children had lunch together at a restaurant. Until Musa stopped coming, they would eat outside, according to MaNgwabe. MaNgwabe claimed he quit because he was spending too much time with his female companions.

After Musa Mseleku praised MaNgwabe’s attire, many in Mzansi felt envy. Mseleku is always quick to gush over his wives. Musa Mseleku has been quoted as saying that he is not a fan of his wife’s more provocative clothing choices. Mseleku objects to their clothing standards because he doesn’t want other men to look at his wife the way he does.

In other words, MaNgwabe doesn’t try to cover up her husband’s infidelity. We have heard her complain before that her spouse has a plethora of women in his life. In this latest installment, MaNgwabe continues to investigate Musa Mseleku and his female companions.