Mangwabe gushes over her sister wife Makhumalo.

Polygamy is one of the most practiced traditions in the whole world and it is also slowly innovating as well.

Polygamy is when a man marries more than 1 wife and it many cases it normally occurs when the man is off royalty or maybe when they want to have a big family and a lot of children as well.


Talking about polygamy,we have the Mseleku family that was introduced to us give years ago on their reality television show called Uthando Nesthembu and it is currently on season five and fans love it very much.

We have Macele who is the first wife,Mayeni who is the second wife,Makhumalo who is the third wife and the last one who is Mangwabe.

Musa has four wives all together and 10 children too that he loves very much.

Mangwabe and makhumalo are friends and.Mbali posted a throwback picture of her and Makhumalo.

See below their picture.