Manaka Ranaka to celebrate 30 years in SA entertainment industry in 2022



Manaka Ranaka has existed for three decades in the South African entertainment industry, and she’s still on top of  her game.

Speaking to Drum, the star said she gained entrance into the industry from a tender age, but she’s officially 22 years in the industry. She also spoke about what she’s learnt.

“I am celebrating three decades. I started when I was six years old. It’s been quite a ride. The first thing that I did was act for a music video for Dalom Kids. That was my first time in a professional setting. Professionally it has been 22 years and my biggest lesson has been working with different people,” she says.

“Everything can’t always be about you. You have to be very accommodating. Having worked on different projects with diverse actors and people, having to adjust to every single personality was a great lesson for me.”


Manaka also spoke about the challenges encountered and how she survived it all.

“You’re born dependent and you grow up and become independent then you need to start adulting. Career-wise; being fired was a challenge. But also putting my foot down and saying I am not going anywhere because I was promised I will be barred from the industry and never work again by not one but two or three producers. Having to stand my ground and stick around in an industry where you’re made to feel that you are not wanted is an achievement. Acting chose me. I got bitten long ago by the acting bug. I tried running and it didn’t work. It is what it is.”