Manaka Ranaka exposes what his son does.

Manaka Ranaka is no doubt one of the most loved celebrities and also very talented actress in South Africa and she has done so well for herself.

She comes from a very successful and loving and not forgetting how warm and happy her family is and her siblings love each other so much.



Manaka has four other siblings and they always posts each other on their social media pages.

The siblings are each other’s keepers and they always take care of each other’s kids.

Manaka is best know for her onscreen role on the telenovela called Generations the legacy as Lucy Diale.

She has two very beautiful daughters whom she loves very much and she also has a son who is going to turn a year old this year.

Manaka posted a picture of her son holding a tampon and wrote a caption saying that they should change their packaging be cause their folders think it’s sweets.