Man Who Kiśsed Maskandi Mthandeni Finally Speaks

‘Hello everyone my name is Sifundo Mkhwanazi from Mtubatuba rural areas, My mother is MaNgema from Hluhluwe. This is what happened, last week we had a couple of drinks and then went to attend a maskandi event at Newtown.’


These were the words said by this man claiming that he was drunk, but it doesn’t end there.

‘There came Sis Dudu a guy from kwaManqele who looks like a woman. Just as he entered on stage i saw a woman and decided to go closer. I didn’t mean to give him a kiss but i wanted to see if what Ali Mgube said that he has a 9mm private part was true. Unfortunately things didn’t go my way, that’s why i decided to go for his neck.’ Stated Mkhwanazi



This guy continues saying after he felt the smell of women’s perfume that Mthandeni worn he decided to give him a kiss on the neck to avoid going empty handed. He said he was hit unexpectedly as he just saw a woman in Mthandeni.