Mampintsha’s Sister Alleges Her Mom Died Of A Broken Heart Cause Of The Videos Babes Wodumo Posted

The death of Mampintsha’s mother is one that has left many South Africans in mourning, including their families. This is because it has just been a few weeks since the burial of Mampintsha, who passed away last year in December. Before her passing, her daughter reported that her mom was sick and she became worse to the point where she was admitted to a public hospital. She failed to come to terms with the fact that her son is no more, and even when she was sick, she kept asking her daughter to see her son, and she even decided to lie about his whereabouts because of how heartbroken she was.

When Mampintsha’s sister told news publications that her mom was in the family of musician Babes Wodumo, they reacted to the news and said that the family could be lying about her illness because they never contacted them to inform them that Mampintsha’s mom was ill. The two families are also known for not being on great terms, but Babes Wodumo and her mother-in-law made peace.




And now the daughter has once again decided to pick up and say that her mother died with a broken heart, claiming that her mother’s condition became much worse when she saw the videos that Babes Wodumo posted on social media after the burial of Mampintsha, some of them insulting the family, and they did not sit well with her mother.

She also says that Babes Wodumo never visited her mother-in-law in the hospital or even tried to make contact to check on her well-being. And she feels as if her mother died with a broken heart, but she is at peace now.