Mampintsha Left Mzansi Confused as Babes Wodumo And Makhadzi Drama Continues

When Babes made her charges, Makhadzi rushed to social media to respond, claiming that she did not have arelationship with her husband.


Afterwards, she advised her to deal with her spouse for staring into her eyes and not attacking her, which was ruining her reputation as a result of what her guy had done.

“You can’t expect me to be able to prevent your man from looking at me. You should deal with your man who is attracted to women, not ask me to prevent him from looking at you. In response to Babes’ question, she said, “How is it even possible?”

While all of this is going on, Mzansi has been contacting Mampintsha to hear his side of the story in the thick of the Babes Wodumo – Makhadzi spat.

People have been even more perplexed as a result of Mampintsha’s video on Tiktok, which he posted.

“You say I like looking at things, listen here!,” Mampintsha says in the 46-second video, which was filmed in isiZulu and partially translated into English. In their own way, everyone here is gorgeous, and no one can be described as “ugly.”

For the time being, though, Mzansi is left in the dark about who he is alluding to and who the message is directed at.

Those who heard it couldn’t help but correlate it with the Babes versus Makhadzi dispute, claiming he was only referring to Babes Wodumo, who believes Makhadzi is not attractive.

Makhadzi refused to get dragged into a catfight with Babes, whom she accused of attempting to gain attention for herself.

She laughed at her accusations and forgave her, and she even went so far as to counsel her on how to keep her husband under her control.