Mampintsha a photo of his wife and son, that his son has 200k money and a car.

Hello family and friends, welcome back to another one of my short articles about the one and only Mampintsha the Shimora.

Mampintsha recently posted a picture of his wife Babes Wodumo and his son Sponge Wodumo caption Sponge Wodumo my son. He then said that Sponge currently has 200k in the bank and already he has a car as young as he is. A lot of people were so shocked to hear that a baby that is few months old already has a lot of money in the bank.


Some fans congratulated the young man for having such amazing parents like them, that knows how to save money for their kids at a young age. He has not shown his sons face though, he has a face musk on him but he did look cute even though he had a musk on. What do you think about Sponge having so much money at this age? This was the post below and the comments from their