MaMkhulu Exposed Maseko Of Witchcraft After She Found Her Used Sanitary Pads In His Hut In #Umndeni

Source: MojaLoveTv Twitter page

This us becoming crazier and weirder week after week. Imagine putting up a struggle for a man you believe is trying to enchant you. The details surrounding the sanitary pad scandal continue to emerge. MamKhulu is accusing Maseko of practicing “witchcraft,” and it appears that she has finally seen the light on Nkanyezi. Some men have trouble getting along with their wives’ families because they have wives like Mahlalentabeni, who criticizes her husband in front of her in-laws despite the fact that she is supposed to be their wife.



Mamkhulu claims that Maseko is casting a spell on her, but she still wants lobola from him. Mamkhulu is an idiot because despite all of the things she finds in Maseko’s hut, she is continuing to live with him. Even though she is aware that Maseko is currently occupied with collecting her soiled sanitary pads, she insists that lobola be paid for her ancestors by Maseko. After Nkanyezi told her about a pad in Maseko’s house and after she discovered the pad herself along with many more wrapped in plastic and attached to her watch, she began to wonder whether she should continue to be in a witchcraft marriage with Maseko. She is suspicious that he is doing something to them, but she continues to remain with him; perhaps he has truly messed with them.

Why does he have her USED sanitary pads in his collection? What keeps them together as a married couple? Why does she treat the fact that she is married to a man who keeps her used sanitary towels in HIS HUT with such a casual attitude? What exactly is happening on this show? It’s still a mystery to me why Maseko hasn’t separated himself from these women.

Nkanyezi mamkhulus Gobel: Where Have You Been All This Time? The question then becomes why Mamkhulu is addressing her by name rather than honoring her gobela. #idlozi would humble you, Mamkhulu tossed Nkanyezi out like a dog forgetting ukuthi she’s her Gobel. Now, she is in desperate need of the same Nkanyezi for both protection and direction.