MaMkhize’s Eldest Son Does Not Refer Himself As A Mpisane On Socials. Here Is What We Know About Him

You must never really say you know a person because at it best, a person can just show you what they want you to see, more especially these celebrities. They want you as their fans to think that you know them, there is nothing that they do not share with you and then boom at the end of the day, you just realize that this is all just part of their game.



Not so long ago we were introduced to Shawn Mkhize as well as her two children Sbahle Mpisane and Andile Mpisane. These are the two children that she introduced as her own but guess what we just recently found out that she actually has another son. All this was revealed on her birthday when her son posted a sweet Instagram message wishing his mother a happy birthday of which it melted mamkhize’s heart because she thanked him, referring him as her son. What is shocking however is the fact that her son is not a Mpisane, he is a Phuma. His name is Phamo Phuma but her two children are Mpisane’s.

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