Mamkhize Turned Into a Laughing Stock After Chris Excel Posted Her Photo And Said This About Her

The harder part of being a celebrity means that your life is constantly in the spotlight, and you must tolerate even nonsense in order to follow certain rules and appear mature.Celebrities go through a lot of bullying, disrespect and criticism on social media. People always try to find ways to provoke them, and when they retaliate, they are called names. Especially on Twitter, the level of bullying and disrespect that celebrities go through on Twitter is out of this world.

Speaking of bullying on Twitter, not so long ago, the black Twitter president was trending after people were accusing him of being a bully. Yesterday he caused a lot of embarrassment for the famous Mamkhize. He posted one of her photos where she wasn’t looking good and said “Money is completely refusing to bath Mamkhize. You’d swear she sells vagies.” Mamkhize turned into a laughing stock after this. However, some of her loyal fans tried to take a stand for her.




The bullying and hate that Mamkhize gets from social media, mostly from Twitter, is too much. People are always looking for something to criticize Mamkhize and her son for in everything. Someone once said that the unity that black people show on Twitter when it comes to criticizing Mamkhize is evident that black people will only unite when it comes to bringing someone down. You can barely go a week without seeing Mamkhize and her son being criticized on Twitter. It’s like her wealth makes people hate her for no reason.

As for Chris, he has always been a bully. He’s always been bullying celebrities. That is why some people were accusing him of Patric Shia’s death because he was one of the people who were throwing bad comments at him a few days before he passed away. He misused his popularity and tried to expand it through bullying other people. Bullying on social media is a very serious thing. Some people even end up committing suicide because of the things that people say on social media.