MamKhize shares cute video of Flo Coco and Miaandy playing together

MamKhize shared a video of her 3 granddaughters playing in the lift. MamKhize has three grandchildren baby Flo, Coco and Miaandy. Andile Mpisane shares two daughters Flo and Coco with Sitheo Shozi and one daughter Miaandy with his wife Tamia Mpisane. MamKhize was taking care of her grand daughters and she said that she is not sure that she was ready for this. The girls were playing in the lift at home. They were climbing all over the lift.



MamKhize can be heard in the video telling Flo to show her sisters how to behave. However the girls were not interested and they continued whatever they were doing. It seems that MamKhize loves to spends time with her grandchildren even though they were giving her a hard time.

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