MaMkhize reveals reasons behind her divorce

Many people find inspiration in her example of healthy living, and she has many fans across South Africa.

For the first time, MaMkhize has addressed the topic of her separation and divorce. She and her husband, Sbu Mpisane, made a lovely pair.





The breakdown of her marriage to Sbu Mpisane, her bond with her late father, and the forces that motivate her are all hinted at in an excerpt from the book, which has not yet been published.

The Sunday World broke the story, and they also mentioned how gushingly MaMkhize describes her marriage to Mpisane in the book.

Furthermore, the Sunday World took a passage from the book in which she describes her love for Mpisane.

“Despite some bumps in the road, I really thought we had a wonderful marriage. In 2011, when my husband and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary, I still maintained the optimistic view that I was very happy in my union. That’s why it took me twenty-five years to figure out that the only person who benefited from this made-up love story was the one who created it.

She seems to have been profoundly affected by the death of her father, which is described in the book.

There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding MaMkhize’s love life, but she’s finally opening up about it in a new book.

MaMkhize also stars in a reality show that is a hit with fans.