MaMkhize Publicly Showed Love To But Dj Zinhle Ignored Her

It is that time again when we talk about these celebrities who treat each other otherwise. What is hectic about this whole situation is that most of these celebs like to act all friendly with each other, some go as far as to pose for pictures which gives an idea that they are friends and then boom out of the blue they start treating each other otherwise.This time we have DJ Zinhle and everyone’s fave, Shawn Mkhize. Shawn Mkhize posted a very beautiful picture on Instagram and many people commented and shared their compliments. Of course amongst the people who commented was dj Zinhle and MaMkhize replied to Zinhle’s comment showing her so much love and then told her that she misses her, dj zinhle was then nowhere to be found to reply to MaMkhize’s comment. She just left it like that, she did not even reply with I miss you too, mind you all this happened on Instagram