MaMkhize Has Another ‘Son’ She Showed Him To The World Through A Insta Post

Another of MaMkhize’s sons goes by the name Thula Mkhize. She made a lengthy post on Instagram introducing him to the rest of the world.

In spite of the success of her television reality show, it is clear that the general public does not yet know a great deal of information about Shawn Mkhize.




In an episode of her reality show titled Life KwaMaMkhize, Shawn Mkhize revealed that her daughter Sbahle Mpisane is not her biological child, but that she does have another child who goes by the name Andile Mpisane.

We had the misconception for a long time that those two were the only children she had, but we now know that she also has a son who goes by the name Thule mkhize. She didn’t inform anyone until yesterday, on his birthday, when she published a heartfelt post on her Facebook page in honor of him and his birthday.

Because Sbahle Mpisane’s birthday and his son’s birthday are both on the same day, she paid a heartfelt homage to both of them on Instagram. Even Andile Mpisane posted him as his brother, so it’s clear that the insults aren’t going away anytime soon.

We couldn’t be happier for mamkhize, and her children are just radiant.