MaMkhize Has Another Son Named Thula Mkhize She Showed Him To The World Through A Lengthy Insta Post

If you thought you knew Shawn mkhize just because of her TV realit
y show well you thought wrong because it is clear that there is a lot that people do not know about her.



When Shawn mkhize came with her tv reality show, life KwaMaMkhize she said she only has two children and that is Sbahle mpisane and andile mpisane and what she also revealed was that Sbahle was not her biological child. Well for the longest time we thought those are her only two children but guess what, she has another son named Thule mkhize. She finally revealed him yesterday when it was his birthday in a beautiful birthday post. His son shares a birthday with sbahle mpisane so she paid a beautiful birthday tribute to both of them in a beautiful Instagram post. It does not end there, even andile mpisane posted him calling him his brother.

Well we are happy for mamkhize and she has such beautiful children.