MaMkhize And Sithelo’s Baby, Baby Flo Are Leaving Joburg, Can You Guess Where They Are Going?

We are so sure the nicest thing being in this earth would be to have Shawn Mkhize’s life just for one day. MaMkhize is one of the most luxurious and stylish celebrities in South Africa, we are sure the ordinary people are not the only ones who wish they could get a taste of her lifestyle, I mean her lifestyle is to die for.




It is only MaMkhize who can just wake up and decide that they are leaving the province or better yet, the country just because they feel like it is too cold so they want to go to where they could find the sun. Shawn mkhize posted on her Instagram and shared that she and sithelo’s oldest daughter, baby Flo, who also happens to be mamkhize’s granddaughter are leaving Johannesburg because it is too cold. The little girl was even featured in the video where they were leaving with bags, can you guess where they are going?

Judging from her posts, it looks like they are going to America