Mamchunu’s Daughter From #Ukungenwa Left Mzansi Happy After She Did This To Siyabonga In #Ukungenwa

Did This To Siyabonga In #Ukungenwa


The Mhlongo family is always questioning Mamchunu’s intentions. They are trying to get her reasons why she want to move to Johannesburg with intentions of looking for odds jobs. The show has so much pain as it something many people does no agree on even though it’s Zulu culture.






Siya is always consulting with his father on everything he does is annoying which proves that his not man enough. Siya’s father knows exactly what’s happening regarding the miscarriages. Why he has so much energy more special when it comes to MaMchunu even when he knows that his son is not to be trusted.

Siya is a weak man ,he won’t able to handle more than one woman. Siya threatened by Nokthula, that’s why he had to consult with his father. He already knows that Nokuthula does not fear her, she is well educated and she will not alow him to play with her mother while she is still alive. Her daughter no longer want her mother to be in this relationship with their uncle.

Its sad and heartbroken to MaMchunu seems so defeated with her situation. It’s as if she does not have a say on her life. Her I’m laws are the one who has to control her. Siya and her father are in charge of Mamchunu’s life and even her daughter can see that.

MaMchunu’s daughter, Nokuthula just wanna rescue her mom from this mess. MaMchunu was not suppose to agree to all of this at first place. Her children’s are trying to rescue her. Manchunu should stand up for her self and stop throwing her daughter under the bus.
What is your thoughts. What would you do if it was your mother in this difficult situation. How would you help her?