Mamazala: Viewers angry as they discover a 13 year old was made a bride

Mamazala is a show hosted by Dingaan Khumalo who attempts to help people with issues they have between them. This week though, viewers were in an uproar about what the discovered as the episode played.

The complainant, Betty, married his son to a 13 year old girl.

Betty wrote to the show because of her daughter-in-law who was acting out and treating her life like a big party. She was out every night and struggling with a card addiction. However, personally, I could only notice her young age. Eunice was allegedly brought into the family at the tender age of 13.

It became apparent that she was acting like this because she was too young to understand marriage and for 18 years she had to suppress. It looks like child marriage to me and it made my skin bristle. I can’t understand which parent would allow such abuse to happen to their child.

Social Media Response




People online were furious at their turn of events.

One user wrote, “This is a 31 year old who was robbed of her life. She was 13 when this man violated her. We’re missing an important discussion here. #mamazala”

While another user wrote, “The problem started when #Mamazala allowed her son to marry or stay with a 13 year old.”

A final user wrote, “Honestly I don’t blame Makoti, I mean she’s been a wife at the age 13!#mamazala”

Personal Thoughts

I was personally very confused about how the Moja Love production could air that episode without getting clarification about it. It was triggering to hear about this story. She’s been in a marriage for 18 years and likely been unhappy all the while. I felt such sadness for her and I pray that parents are able to better protect their children from situations like this. I don’t care how much attitude or stubbornness a child has, they cannot consent to sex or marriage. Eunice was a victim of society here.

Thank you for your time!