Mamazala: A young widow is accused of being the cause of her late husbands death

Mamazala is a show on Moja Love that helps people deal with their problematic in-laws. I couldn’t help but notice that we get to see Limpopo more than any other province. Its seems that the wives suffer when their husbands die prematurely.

This week Innocentia learned the hard way how in-laws act.

Innocent wrote to the show to try and get some reconciliation going between. She claimed her husband had been struggling with suicide ideation for a while and finally succeeded in killing himself after trying to kill her too. He was a haunted man with many of his own issues.



However, once Innocentia got to her got to her in-laws house nothing went according to plan. I find it atrocious that women get accused of murdering their husbands with no basis to it. Innocentia was just guilty of loving her husband and his family. Her heartbreak was palpable.

People felt bad for Inno and felt like she wasn’t guilty. They also had some thoughts about in-laws.

One user wrote, “#mamazala I honestly believe Kabelo kill himself because of personal issues. Nothing related to anything the wife did.”

While another user wrote, “That man abused her, and his family knew now they act like she killed him. #mamazala”

One user wrote, “The most toxic in laws ever, baPedi. Wish this makoti healing and success in her life. I hope she lets them be. #Mamazala”

A final user wrote, “By the look of things, Kabelo wanted to kill this lady then hang himself🥺 #mamazala”

I think what always makes these kinds of situations worse is knowing that it is women doing it to other women. It isn’t right and I wish as women we could do better about how we treat one another. When someone marries into a family, that shouldn’t end when their partner dies. The assumption that people kill their spouses should also stop.