Mamazala: A man fights his in-laws for his deceased wifes house

Mamazala is a show on Moja love that helps people fight for what is rightfully theirs from their in-laws. The necessity of the show becomes clear when you realize how many people get taken advantage of once their spouses are deceased.

This week a man desperately needed Dingaan’s help.

A man wrote to the show because his mother-in-law and brother-in-law had chased him out of the house he lived in with his wife. The story goes that he had moved in with her after marriage and together with her son, they were a family. This ended when she sadly passed.




Instead of being supportive the family decided it was time for him and his stepson to leave. This was obviously illegal but far too many in-laws exhibit this behaviour. I think the major problem is that people are not aware of their own rights. If they were, this wouldn’t happen.

People were disappointed with the family and how they chosen to act about this.

One viewer wrote, “#mamazala the law should give this man the right to that house. Women move in with men all the time and they to keep things. Why should it be different this time.”

While another user wrote, “We need a social movement that will mobilise people to help ensure folks have wills in place by the time they kick the bucket. They thuggery on #mamazala is exhausting. Widows, widowers and children are often left destitute as a result of this.”

A final viewer wrote, “Claim what is yours bafo no matter what your wife loved u so u deserve ur 50% if it was me I was not gonna leave 🤞#mamazala”

I think this case happens far too often, but not with men. This man seemed sincere to me, like he was genuinely in love with his wife and his stepson defended him as well. His motives are pure and he deserves to win this case.