Mama Joy went all the way to France to support the Springboks.

South African sports fanatic Mama Joy is going places. Famous for her enthusiastic support of local soccer teams, she took a little break from footie to enjoy the Rugby World Cup Springboks match against Scotland. The famous sports supporter is currently in France and has shared some snaps from her travels with her supporters who couldn’t be more proud.




While many sang her praises, a few did call her out for spelling Eiffel wrong.Mama Joy Chauke’s passion for sports is certainly taking her places.

She was once famous for supporting Orlando Pirates but ruffled a bit of feathers when she switched teams and started supporting Shaun Mkhize’s Royal AM.

Over the weekend, she was treated to a bit of France sight-seeing ahead of the Springboks match against Scotland.Taking to her social media pages, she shared photos of herself in front of the famous Eiffel Tower wearing the South African flag colours.

Take a look at the post below:RAINING ON HER PARADE?
After spotting the post, there were a few people who tried raining on her parade by pointing out that she had spelled Eiffel wrong.

Of course her supporters advised her to ignore the haters while wishing her happy travels.

“Must have been a great atmosphere. Love it for you, hope you enjoyed it, that was a splendid performance,” one person said while another added:

“Mama you spelt it in Tsonga as long as you are at the World Cup we are happy for you.”