Malome Vector To Drop New Music Under His Own Record Label

The music industry is filled with graveyards of ruined partnerships between artists and labels due to a lot of reasons. BET once aired a docu-series that revealed how labels have been created to only benefit the ones in power and not the artists. One of the controversial labels that keeps on trending for the wrong reasons is Ambitious Entertainment were Malome Vector is signed under, artists have been exiting like nobody’s business. “Dumelang” (greetings) is the most successful song he has released under the label that dominated the radio waves last year. Join us as we unpack more of the story below.



Taking to social media, Malome Vector has shared that he will be releasing a single under his own record label. The question is – will he still make music under Ambitious? I guess we’ll have to wait and see how everything will pan out. The rapper continues to stand out with his versatile style combining the Lesotho language and Afro Pop. No communication has been made as of yet about whether he will go solo forever or not.

Reaction on social media

As always, people will celebrate artists that go the independent route because labels are a business at the end of the day and you end up being exploited in the process. Not so long ago, his fellow industry colleague Intaba Yase Dubai was trending after revealing how much he gets paid monthly even though he is sweating hard on the stage. You will never confirm these labels.

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