Malema reveals via radio interview Why he never attended Ricky Rick’s Funeral


The leader of the economic freedom fighters Julius Malema has alluded why he did not attend the funeral of the late entertainer and well-known artist Ricky Rick.

Julius Malema said that men should be able to talk their problems out rather than actually taking their life because that is deemed as a selfish decision.



Malema was against the issue of suicide because he believes that people can be able to speak their problems out without having to end their life because those were left behind continue to suffer the loss.

When one looks at this, one can actually see that the man is truly making sense because most people take the life and forget that there are people who would be left behind to bear pain.

Malema is one man who does not hesitate to speak the truth whether he likes you or not but always wants to make sure that he says what is relevant.