Malema reveal the reason why he doesn’t attend funerals of those who commit suicide

We should not normalize suicide as a way out of our problems in society rather we should scream for help even if it’s embarrassing to do so at the time Julius Malema said during his radio appearance yesterday. Responding to why he didn’t attend the Rick Ricky funeral, Malema said that he doesn’t believe in suicide in general but in particular as a way of solving our problems in society. If we accept that one day we will wake up and our children have committed suicide because they think it’s a solution. We should normalize asking for help especially men must learn to scream for help even if it’s embarrassing to do so.




In terms of religion, it’s also a sin so I don’t believe in that. At the time of his death, Malema said that it’s unfortunate that we didn’t manage to listen to Rick Ricky’s loud whispers when it was apparent that the man was a tortured soul. But to the shock of many people, Malema didn’t attend the funeral of his friend, raising questions as to why? But now he has managed to clarify his position on such a sensitive topic.