Male Celebrities who has over three kids with different mothers

The DJ is said to have four kids. He had his first child when he was young, and then he and his ex-wife, Mbali Mlotshwa, had two more boys. Reports say that he had more children while he was still married, but no one knows who the mothers are. I don’t think it matters as long as Black Coffee spends time with all of his kids.

Arthur Mafokate

The famous Kwaito singer has four children, all of whom he raised by himself. Arthur’s children all have mothers, and Queen Sesoko, who gave birth to his second child, Owami, is the only known baby mama.






David Adedeji Adeleke, who is better known by his stage name “Davido,” is a singer and record producer from Nigeria. He is a singer who has won many awards, and he is also very proud of his adorable children. Sophia Momodu is the mother of Davido’s first child, Imade. Amanda, an Atlanta-based model, is the mother of his second child, Hailey. The mother of his third child, Ifeanyi, is a chef. But there are rumors that he has two more children with other women, which he hasn’t confirmed.

Stevie J

Stevie J is known for his rapping style and his ability to make good music. But he is also known to have had six wonderful children with five different women. Stevie has loved being a dad from the time he had his first child until the time he had his last. He has four daughters and two sons, so he has enough love for all of them. Here is a look at how he lived in this way.

He has a son with Rhonda Henderson (Dorian Henderson-Jordan). In 1995, he was born. He has a son and a daughter with Carol Antoinette Bennett. Steven Jordan Jr. is the name of his son. In 1997, he was born. 2009 also saw the birth of a daughter named Savannah Jordan. Then, he has a daughter with Joseline Hernandez. Her name is Bonnie Bella Hernandez, and she was born in December 2016. With Felicia Stover, Stevie J also has a daughter named Sade Jordan. In November 1995, she was born. He has a daughter named Eva Giselle Jordan with Mini Faust. In 2009, she was born.