Makhumalo shows gratitude to MaCele

In the recent episode of Uthando Nesthembu, MaCele and Musa Mseleku celebrated their 20-year anniversary. They decided to host a thanksgiving in which they gathered some of their loved ones, including Musa Mseleku’s other wives in celebration of their anniversary.









When it was time for people to give their speeches at the event, MaKhumalo decided to give a speech and showed much gratitude to MaCele as she is the first wife (MamKhulu) of all Musa Mseleku’s wives. She also went on to bless them with a gift of a night away in a private location and MaCele really appreciated the gift.

“Today I am standing here because Mamkhulu has accepted me and is no longer fighting me, that’s why I’m here to show my appreciation and joy with this gift to you guys”, said MaKhumalo.

In her diary session, MaKhumalo also revealed that first, MaCele did not just open her arms and welcomes the other wives, she made things a bit tough for them, but as time went on, they got along and accepted each other.

“We didn’t just arrive and have MaCele open her arms and welcome us. It was tough and if we hadn’t preserved, some of us wouldn’t be here, I don’t know. It wasn’t easy”, said MaKhumalo.

20 years is not a joke, there are a lot of hardships and temptations that come with marriages, but seeing Musa Mseleku sticking with MaCele for 20 years really shows that they have been down for each other, they understand each other and their marriage is built on unconditional love and care.

From us, we would like to say congratulations to Musa Mseleku and MaCele on their 20-year anniversary. Are Musa Mseleku and MaCele your favorite couple from the Mseleku family? Chat with us in the comments and let us know who your favorite is.