MaKhumalo Revealed the sacrifice she made for Musa Mseleku

Uthando Nesthembu season 6 episode 3 recently aired on DSTV channel 103 and on the episode, we saw Musa Mseleku asking MaKhumalo to sacrifice one of her days from her days for wife number 5.

MaKhumalo said that she is supporting Musa MSeleku to build her home, and she accepted Musa’s request without fighting him. Musa’s reason for coming to MaKhumalo and asking her this is because he knows that she is not going to fight him and she understands the assignment.

“MaKhumalo’s idea tells me that she is the type of wife every man deserves to have”, said Musa Mseleku.

Talking about MaKhumalo sacrificing one of her days, MaKhumalo revealed that she did the same thing for MaNgwabe when she joined the Mseleku family.






MaKhumalo said that she sacrificed some of her days for a year in order for her husband Musa Mseleku to build a home for himself and MaNgwabe. She shared this in her diary session on the third episode of Uthando Nesthembu.

“As MaKhumalo, helping Mthombeni (Musa Mseleku) to build his home I had to give away some of my days and time with him so that he can be able to build a home with MaNgwabe”, said MaKhumalo.

Musa Mseleku spend time with MaNgwabe even on days that he was supposed to be spending time with MaKhumalo. This means that Musa was also not sleeping at MaKhumalo’s house during this period and she confirmed it.

“So, he slept there and spent time with her on days he was supposed to be with me and sleep at my house”, said MaKhumalo.

This episode made me ask myself if MaNgwabe would do the same thing and in my opinion, I would say that MaNgwabe would not make the same sacrifice because we all know that MaNgwabe does not take nonsense from anyone.

It seems like MaKhumalo is willing to do anything for her husband as long as it is going to make him happy. Do you think MaKhumalo was right to agree to make a sacrifice for Musa? Leave a comment and let us know.Musa Mseleku’s wife MaKhumalo fumes as he plans to marry her relative – He is abnormal | Celeb Gossip News