Makhumalo Left Mzansi Impressed After She Exposed Laconco Of Lies After She Did This In #RHODurban

Makhumalo and Laconco has been having beef with each other from the first episode Makhumalo join The Real Housewives of Durban. The two have not been seeing each other eye to eye for so long until they meet again at the reunion. It’s Thobile MaKhumalo showing the country who and what LaC really is. Laconco has been bullying Makhumalo from the start left right and center. Honestly people have liked how Makhumalo handled the issue. She spoke nothing but the truth politely.






Makhumalo is the girl she thinks she is. I was so impressed with how she stood her ground and how beautifully she articulated her self. What MaKhumalo did to Laconco can never be undid, she rubbished her with so much respect and dignity. She was not shaken by Ms Petal who thinks everyone is afraid of her and LaC is good at pretending and lying to the point she believes her own lies. Makhumalo is not here for mending things, and fake vibes. She keeps quiet enough for Laconco to form an opinion about her then she strikes back right when she have concluded she’s a push over. She doesn’t start the fight but she finishes both the fight you. One thing I have learnt from this woman through out the season is it6s okay not to fit in or stand out but be true to yourself and know who you are.

LaC and Mabusi were flatly denying that theu were gossiping Sorisha until Nonku verified MaKhumalo’s story. Mabusi saw that they made mistake then she rapidly told Sorisha how sorry she is. Mabusi LaC were ready to deny everything and make Makhumalo sound like a lier if it wasn’t for Nonku stepping in to confirm she was telling the truth.

Thanks to Nonku who came out clean and said Makhumalo is telling the truth. LaC and Mabusi were about to make Makhumalo look like she’s telling lies as they were insisting that they didn’t say that. LaConco is two faced, a liar and trying so much to be matured even when its not necessary. Annie is childish and it runs in her blood, but you cant take the fact that she stands for her truth. MaKhumalo remained herself throughout and genuine.