Makhumalo Left Mzansi Impressed After She Exposed Laconco Of Lies After She Did This In #RHODurban.

When Makhumalo initially appeared on The Real Housewives of Durban, he and Laconco were already feuding. After a long period of time apart, the two will finally encounter each other face-to-face at their high school reunion. Who and what LaC really are are shown by Thobile MaKhumalo in this video he made. Makhumalo has been the target of Laconco’s wrath since the beginning. Honestly, many people have been pleased with Makhumalo’s response to the situation. She was nice, but she just said what was on her mind.

In her mind, Makhumalo is exactly what she appears to be. I was so amazed by her resolve and clarity in expressing herself. MaKhumalo trashed Laconco with such respect and dignity that it can never be undone. Although Ms Petal, who is convinced that everyone is terrified of her, tried to frighten LaC, she was unfazed. Makhumalo isn’t here to fix things or make people feel better about themselves. She lets Laconco create an opinion about her before striking back when she thinks she’s a pushover, which is exactly what she does. In the end, she is the one who wins because she doesn’t start the battle but instead finishes the one you started. If this woman has taught me anything it is to be true to myself and accept who I am as a person regardless of how others perceive me.




After Nonku confirmed MaKhumalo’s allegation, LaC and Mabusi denied that they were chatting about Sorisha. Mabusi quickly apologized to Sorisha after realizing they had made a mistake. In the absence of Nonku’s intervention, Mabusi LaC would have denied everything and painted Makhumalo as a liar.

For Nonku’s honesty and assertion that Makhumalo is stating the truth, we can be grateful. Makhumalo was set to look like a liar until LaC and Mabusi said they didn’t say anything. LaConco is a liar and a hypocrite who tries far too hard to appear mature when it isn’t. You can’t deny that Annie is childish, but you can’t deny that she sticks up for what she believes in. MaKhumalo remained authentic and true to herself the entire time.