Makhumalo Left Her Fans Impressed After She Revealed The Surname Of Her Husband’s Girlfriend

Makhumalo Left Her Fans Dazzled After She Uncovered The Last name Of Her Better half’s Sweetheart

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Makhumalo Left mzansi talking in web-based entertainment after she uncovered the name of her significant other’s better half. Makhumalo as of late took it to her Instagram page where she snicker at her better half who was weeping for his sweetheart MaMtolo.

With subtitle: “looking Mthombeni weeping for MaMtolo like.. indeed criminal I have hitched.” She composes. She composed.

Mzansi Is puzzling over whether the number 5 which Mseleku has been discussing does exist or not? In the last episode of Uthando Nesthembu we saw Musa Mseleku at long last uncovering the family name of the individual he need to take as his better half number 5.




Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku as of late took it to her web-based entertainment page where she likewise talks about what occurred in the last episode of Uthando Nesthembu. In the previous episode we saw Makhumalo giggling after she see her better half crying since he believe that his significant other should allow him to swindle.

Musa Mseleku uncovered to his spouses that he would rather not pay lobola to her and he would rather not make her his significant other but instead be a sweetheart. Musa Mseleku was found in public television crying and asking his spouses to permit him to have a sweetheart. This come after he said the family name of his new sweetheart is MaMtolo yet he won’t delve into subtleties.

Makhumalo was seen asking Musa who is MaMtolo.

With subtitle: “MaMtolo isn’t a spouse since you didn’t pay lobola to her, so what is she?

Musa Mseleku famous known marriage master from an unscripted television show Uthando Nesthembu as of late uncovered his sweethearts name for the first and foremost time. Clearly his significant other’s are distraught while some actually takes steps to leave. Musa Mseleku is a man with standards and he could do without it when his significant other’s loss him.

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