MaKhumalo Called Disrespectful For The Way She Was Seated

By now, people should know that uThando Nes’thembu is one of the biggest reality shows in the country and this also means that we have hundreds of thousands of people reacting to some of the things that happened on each of the episodes.

It was different this time around, in fact, MaKhumalo “disappointed” some viewers and this goes to show that, what you might consider as a minor issue could very well be turned into a big deal by someone else watching the very same episode.

So, this is about how MaKhumalo was seated when she was with the family, usually, one would expect people to pay more attention on what is being said during the discussions. But, there were some people who were bothered that MaKhumalo did not do things as they should be done.

People have different beliefs, that goes without saying, we know that in some cultures, a lot of the things that are regarded as normal are not done, if they are, then it is usually in a very unusual manner.




A simple thing like not taking your hat off before you eat as man, will most likely lead to a lecture, in today’s world, this does not apply, at least to the younger generation. You would not see them doing all these things even though they were once told that it is culture, in this instance, according to some people, MaKhumalo, as woman, was not supposed to sit with her legs crossed.

Apparently, that is disrespectful, especially if there are elders around, but if we really take time to understand this, we will realise that, the way you sit has nothing to do with the kind of person you are.



But, even though people intend to be logical when it comes to some topics, it is important to keep in mind that, you should never question other people’s beliefs. If people have decided that it is disrespectful to cross your legs in their house, then it is, there is nothing you can do about that.

However, this also does not mean that you should not have an opinion about some of these beliefs, this MaKhumalo’s issue is an example.

People can sit anyhow they want, if MaKhumalo feels more comfortable crossing her legs, then she should do just that, but she obviously cannot do that if her family believes that crossing her legs while they are in a meeting with elders is disrespectful.