Makhazi makes mzansi proud

The 25year old popstar ,Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona known as Makhadzi makes South Africa proud after she filled up a whole stadium in Botswana.

She started singing 10year ago on the streets and first entered the music scene through the popularised Limpopo weddings songs music genre.


She says Botswana has made her dreams come true after she held a one woman show at the Royal Aria Stadium in Tlokweng on Saturday,26 March . She sold out about 20k tickets.

She is the true vision of hard work and dedication in human form.

Video clips of her performance have been circulating the social media and the performance ,the concert ,her energy with the crowd and everything else was just perfect and out of this world.

She said ,she received more love and support in Botswana more than in mzansi.

Above all ,she was welcomed warmly by the government officials and was showered with gifts and she had a great time since she landed in Botswana.
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