Makhadzi’s One Woman Show VIP Section Chaos: Luande vs Marshal Nation Plays A Blame Shifting Game

People of Vhembe in the Limpopo Province and all around the country flocked from different angles to go and have a night of fun at the Makhuvha Stadium last Saturday the 1st of October 2022, Ndivhudzannyi ‘Makhadzi’ Raḽivhona literally brought the entire Vhembe region to a stand still when she hosted her first annual One Woman Show, people gathered in their numbers and some paid around R1500 for the VIP section, but they went on to complain that the treatment at the VIP section was not what they paid for.

Luande Premium Lifestyle Events and Marshal Nation were the two companies with the responsibility of making sure that the guests are treated well, but the two companies are now at each other’s throat as the play blame shifting game as to who is responsible for the failure at the VIP section on that day, the two were pointing fingers at each other live on air on Phalaphala FM’s talk show on Tuesday.






Speaking to Mpho Rathando on Tshiko, Tshilidzi Tshikovhele of Luande Premium Lifestyle Events said she is very disappointed in how the other company did things during the events since she was only there to make sure that the VIP section is given the best treatment, she also revealed that she was disappointed in the way in which the other company ran things and the name of her company is being tarnished, she also added that her company is yet to be paid.

“We are very disappointed since the people had faith in us, they believed that we are going to offer them the best VIP treatment, now that things did not go well, the name that has been tarnished is Luande Premium Lifestyle Events and we have not been paid as yet, we are still waiting for the payment to this date. I have everything printed out, everything he said is on record and I am not scared to say it that there has been a miss management of the event from Mr Mashau and his company, I have everything on record,” she said.

In his own defense, Mr Robert Mashau of Marshal Nation said the two companies are not doing anyone any good since they are just playing a blame shifting game which is not going to help any of them, he suggested that there should be an investigation conducted so that the truth will come out.

“There is too accusations on this issue, we just need to get an investigative journalist who will bring everything to the clear to show what really happened, what we are doing at this moment is not going to help anyone,” he said.

This is all happening after a number of people who paid for the VIP section took to social media platforms complaining about the chaotic situation they experienced during the show.