MAKHADZI’s Life In Danger? || See What Happened To Her Yesterday, Something Is Suspicious

Makhadzi is a South African musician, dancer and businesswoman. She is a young vibrant musician born in Limpopo Venda. She is one of the few celebrities who made it successfully in Limpopo and over the past years she managed to win the love of many people because of the kind of music that she creates. People seem to be more impressed with her performance and after giving out a performance people end up calling for more. She is one of the celebrities who never had it easy in life but had to work hard to get the life of her dream.




Growing up she used to see herself as one of the best musicians in the country and at this point it can be said that she is living her dream life as she won the hearts of other people in different countries. Her journey to where she is really proves that hard work pays off and people should be really focused on what they want. She is also a businesswoman who just launched her own skin care brand ” Mavoda”. She has been praised for doing such an amazing work.

It has just been reported that she got robbed at gunpoint in Ga-Rankuwa. Apparently her phone has been taken but it was said that nothing happened to her. It seems like people are really after her because a day ago it was reported that she almost got shot at moments before she could attend the gig. It is reported that two men pointed a gun to her and tried to rob but things did not end well. This time around her phone was stolen in the presence of other people. That only shows that her life is at risk .

It’s impossible for a person to be robbed two days respectively. Now people fear for her life as this act is now on the rise. This could be because she is making a lot of money and impressing people, it’s possible that she invited enemies because of her success. Now the question is what do they want to do with the phone? She will now live in fear and get scared to attend her events because of senseless people. Getting bodyguards might be really helpful. What is your take on this matter? Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.