Makhadzi Turned Into a Laughing Stock After She Posted her Photo at Home and People Noticed This

When you are a celebrity, people shut their noses at everything you do. They watch your every move just so that they can pick up something negative and criticize you. That is why they say there’s no secret or private life for celebrities. There are people who just spend their whole life trying to bring someone down by spotting negativity in everything they do. That is why people say when you are a celebrity you must have a strong heart that can tolerate all sorts of negativity.





Speaking of that, a few days ago, the famous makhadzi was at her home in Venda to attend a funeral. We all know that when people are at home, they just dress simply without putting any effort into it, like how they do when they are in town. So she woke up in the morning and posted a photo of herself sitting outside the house with a cup of coffee and a plastic bag full of vetkoekies.

You could see that indeed she was at home, no fancy clothes, no city fake like where people do things for content. After posting this photo, people laughed at her after they noticed that her hands and feet didn’t look like her face. They were so dark that it looked like she had just bleached her face. We all know that nowadays people are bleaching their skin, but even if you do, the colour of your hands and feet is hard to change, so maybe people are suspecting that she bleached her face or she’s applying those skin lightening creams.

Some people are weird; they look for negativity in everything that someone does. Even if she’s using skin lightening creams, it’s her choice and no one should make her feel bad about that. What I love about Makhadzi is that she doesn’t take all that negative energy personally. She’s used to it, so she no longer feels moved.