Makhadzi Turned Into a Laughing Stock After She Posted her Photo at Home and People Noticed This


After posting a photo of herself at home and people finding it, Makhadzi became a laughing stock.




People turn their noses up at everything you do when you’re a star. They keep an eye on everything you do just in case they may find something to condemn about you. Because of this, it is said that celebrities have no secret or private lives. There are those people who simply spend their entire lives attempting to bring down others by finding the negative in everything they do. That is why it is said that celebrities need to have strong hearts that can withstand all kinds of hatred.

In relation to that, the well-known makhadzi recently traveled to her home in Venda to attend a funeral. Everyone is aware that when people are at home, they simply dress comfortably without making an effort, just like they do when they are out and about. As a result, when she awoke in the morning, she shared a picture of herself enjoying a cup of coffee outside while holding a plastic bag of vetkoekies.

She was clearly at home, with no fancy attire or phony city setting to distract you from the fact that she was there. People laughed at her after she posted this picture because they could see that her hands and feet didn’t match her face. Because they were so dark, it appeared as though she had freshly bleached her face. We all know that individuals today bleach their skin, but even if you do, the color of your hands and feet is difficult to change, so perhaps others think she bleached her face or uses those lotions for skin lightening.

Some people are strange; they try to find fault with everything that others do. No one should make her feel bad about using skin lightening cosmetics, even though it is her choice. Makhadzi’s lack of sensitivity to all that toxicity is one of the qualities I admire most about her. She’s used to it now and is no longer moved by it.