Makhadzi set the record straight after Sabotage on her “One woman’s Show” Tickets


Makhadzi is currently the woman of the moment in South Africa, her music and the love that she is receiving from her fans and to other African countries is amazing. There is no doubt that success is her middle name.

Makhadzi is currently busy campaigning for her one woman show which will be held in Venda, stadium. As excited as she is, people are having doubts that she is loosing the ball and really not attending to her day to day bookings. Yesterday a certain lodge posted on Facebook to complain about how unprofessional She has become. According to the lodge, Makhadzi is booked to perform on the 1st of October. This is the very same date she is hosting her one woman show .

Client paid everything and it looks like Makhadzi’s team is not doing anything to apologise to the client or even acknowledge the mistake they are making . As this stands , people are starting to doubt Makhadzi and other shops that were supporting her are now pulling out as well as refusing to sell her tickets .

Makhadzi took to her Facebook page to alert her fans to not worry about the incident, she said those who can not get the tickets are more than welcome to buy them on the day of the show. The tickets will be sold at Mukhuvha stadium. There are those who believe that Makhadzi is the sabotaging herself by neglecting some of her responsibilities. Others think that money have now changed her to an extent that she no longer beg for anything.

Please let us know what you think about this , do you think Makhadzi has suddenly grown wings and think she is better that anyone or people are just jealous of her success? Please do make a comment below , don’t forget to like and share .