Makhadzi rumoured to have a bun in the oven, MIL not too excited

While you’re here please follow me.

Master KG’s and Makhadzi’s relationship has been put on trial for the longest time. At some point, Master KG was accused of getting back with Makhadzi only because she’s soaring for the skies.

Musa Khawula, notorious for his fast reporting of news, has inspired a lot more other clones on the bird app.

On the latest, Makhadzi was alleged to be pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby. But instead of focusing on the pregnancy, she is meant to worry about approval from her MIL who is dedicated to making her life a bit difficult.







If it weren’t for one tweep who noticed that the account is a clone, I would have blindly believed the rumours. From there, the validity of the info was interrogated. A lot of tweeps have vowed to wait for confirmation from Musa Khawula’s main account before believing the information.

Thoughts? Should Master KG’s mother’s feelings towards Makhadzi affect Makhadzi’s feelings towards her suspected pregnancy?