Makhadzi Responds To Criticism|See Why She Is Being Criticized

When Makhadzi revealed that she will be holding her one-woman in Botswana, some of her South African fans were disappointed. She made the announcement on her Facebook page last Tuesday, pledging to contribute 10% of her profits to a Botswana-based charity. Makwena Makgakga, a Limpopo radio personality, penned an open letter to the Ghanama hitmaker on Facebook, imploring her to begin her philanthropy where she was born rather than in Botswana.


“Having a one-woman performance in Botswana and giving back to them is not a smart idea. Begin with your poorest province. There is too much poverty in Venda, especially to be particular 95 percent of your bookings come from Limpopo. I have approximately 25 kids who come hunting for uniforms here in Limpopo. We have a large number of students that have dropped out owing to expenses. How did Botswana encourage your music in a way that Limpopo did not?” Makgakga remarked.

Makhadzi reacted to the open letter in the Facebook comment area, claiming she has been attempting to rent both the Peter Mokaba and Thohoyandou stadiums since 2019. “I have been trying to obtain Thohoyandou and Peter Mokaba stadiums, but no one is ready to offer me one. Unless, of course, I’m calling the incorrect folks. Being the first Limpopo woman to fill a stadium will be a dream come true. I have been attempting since 2019.” The award-winning artist then begged the radio pe