Makhadzi pens down thanksgiving message after the success of her international tour

singer “Makhadzi “is grateful and excited about her show’s triumph in the “UK”. “The South African “celebrity is now touring “Canada “as part of an international music tour. The musician is making a name for herself in the industry as it is her first international tour as she has just began her second one.







On Monday morning, “Makhadzi “thanked everyone for their support as she nearly sold out the arena for her “UK “performance. The “Canadians “were so entertained by “Makhadzi’s “performance as she is known for her energetic dance moves.

“Makhadzi “prayed, “Dear GOD, thank you for my gift and for taking my music from the streets to the world”.” I WAS ABLE TO PACK THE ROOM IN THE UK”.”I didn’t know what to do, but I really believe that when you say yes, no one can object,” she added.”Makhadzi “went on and appreciated her fans for the support they showed her on media throughout her international tour at the” Uk”.