Makhadzi might be having an Affair with Mampeezy. OPINION

No matter where they come from or how much time they spend in the public eye, everyone has problems in the people they know.Many people are aware that Makhadzi, a well-known matorokosi performer, has been dating the same person for a significant amount of time.As they finish passing on information via posts, however, something seems to be going wrong in heaven.Ace KG was supposed to be the only visitor, so he missed Makhadzi’s independent presentation as well.

Due to the repeated sightings of Master K and Nkosazana’s daughter, a growing number of people are beginning to accept that the two are involved in extramarital affairs.Despite this, Makhadzi has been seen in public with Vee Mampeezy, another well-known person from Botswana.


There is a rumor that the two are having an unofficial relationship as a result of their frequent public appearances together and the manner in which Mampeezy was caught on camera contacting Makhadzi in an inappropriate manner.People are beginning to assume that they are having extramarital relationships as a direct result of this.You’ll find a few pictures of them below.

Mampeezy was then warned about virtual entertainment by enraged Master K.Because his shoes were too big for him, he asked him to stop what he was doing and take a look at them.Everyone assumed Expert KG was referring to Makhadzi, despite the fact that he did not explain his significance.Mampeezy has made progress as a result of his new protection of Makhadzi since Expert KG left Makhadzi’s one-lady show. Expert KG’s popularity has dropped since KG left Makhadzi’s show.This is because Makhadzi has recently concentrated on independent gigs.

Mampeezy said, “you can’t prevent me from coming to South Africa since you’re neither Ramaphosa nor Malema,” but he didn’t respond strongly when Expert KG directed various offensive posts at him.In any case, Expert KG did not respond to Mampeezy.All of the recent virtual entertainment emanated from these two’s constant prodding.