Makhadzi Left People In Stitches After She Posted Her Photo Doing This At Home Venda

People turn a blind eye to anything a celebrity does because they regard them as an authority figure. They will observe your every action with the sole intention of finding anything wrong with you so that they can criticize you. This is the reason why people believe that celebrities do not have private or secret lives. There are those people who seem to devote their entire lives to finding the worst in others and finding fault in everything they do in an effort to pull them down. People believe that if you want to have a successful career as a celebrity, you need to have a tough heart that is able to deal with various forms of criticism.

In connection with this topic, the well-known makhadzi recently attended a funeral in her native Venda when she was at her residence there. It is common knowledge that while people are at their homes, they don’t put as much thought or effort into their appearance as they do when they are out and about in the community. Therefore, when she awoke in the morning, she took a picture of herself sitting outside the home with a cup of coffee and a plastic bag full of vetkoekies and shared it on social media.






It was clear that she was in fact at her house because she was not dressed in anything flashy and she was not pretending to be in a city or other setting. People made fun of her when she posted this photograph because they noted that her hands and feet didn’t match the appearance of her face. They were so dark that it appeared as though she had recently undergone facial bleaching. It is common knowledge that people are bleaching their skin in today’s society; however, even if you do so, it is difficult to change the color of your hands and feet; consequently, it is possible that people are suspicious that she bleached her face or that she is using those skin lightening creams.

There are some odd people in the world who find reasons to criticize everything that another person does. Even if she chooses to use skin lightening cosmetics, no one has the right to shame her or make her feel guilty about her decision. The fact that Makhadzi doesn’t let any of the negative energy get to her is one of my favorite things about her. Because she is accustomed to it, she is no longer affected by it.