Makhadzi Left Mzansi Jealous After She Shares Her Beautiful Picture And This What Mzansi Noticed

The Limpopo singer Makhadzi is glowing and it’s not a secrets everyone can now see that she has changed from the girl we all used to known her. Makhadzi left mzansi stitched after she posted a picture of herself in so in social media advertising her petroleum jelly. Mzansi could not help but to spot something in her.

Today It was too windy 🌬 and I didn’t have anything to apply to my body to shine but Mavoda SA. Petroleum jelly made me to shine all day 🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️. This is a good jelly for june because it’s cold 🥶. She wrote.




Makhadzi is living her life. By looking at the picture itself you can tell that her business is booming. Her fans fall in love with her leg that is shinning. It’s June and Petroleum jelly is needed more special during this winter season. Makhadzi has given her fans new product that can make everyone shine more special those who likes wearing shorts.

Makhadzi is.promoting Mavoda product. It’s a new brand and it’s not the first time she advertise it in her social media. She sais that the Petroleum jelly will make you shine all day during this winter since it’s cold. Makhadzi has encouraged her fans you switch to the Petroleum jelly as she believes that it’s good for woman’s skin. It will keep their skin soft and shine just like her in the picture

Thise who might e interested in Mavoda shoukd follow her in her social media page for more. People should try her product and see the benefit.