Makhadzi Fills Up The Stadium

The African Queen AKA Makhdi has once again made the world proud after managing to pull off a one-lady show from which she filed an entire stadium. Just a couple of past days, Makhadzi was applauded for extending her hand to help Dr Malinga perform at the event that she has been planning.

Well, the show was a success as hundreds of people went out to support this award-winning artist. The artist yesterday kept on updating her fans with snaps that summarised how the event was going. One of the pictures, clearly shows that indeed it was full.




What Makhadi pulled is exactly what Burna Boy recently did at his concert which was in the east of Johannesburg, Tembisa. This perhaps proves that Makhadzi is bigger than most of the artists in the African continent.

Although two-thirds of the social media users have been too harsh on her, some changed their perspectives about her. One of the social media users wrote as follows

“This story of Makhadzi makes me emotional because she’s such a great example of coming from nothing to something”, he added. Another user wrote on the other side wrote “Makhadzi continues to write history. From filling a stadium in Botswana to filling it again and this time at Home” he said.