Makhadzi embarrasses herself on the Tik-Tok video involving her Ex-boyfriend

One thing I don’t like about being a celebrity it is that you live to impress fans, instead of doing whatever in your heart. Whatever you do becomes a topic of the whole country, can you imagine!

Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, known by her stage name Makhadzi is one of those South African celebrities loved by large number of fans, and whatever actions she takes, they’re being involved by everyone. We all know that she’s been in ‘ups and downs’ relationship with the South African popular musician; Master KG, and their relationship used to be admired by almost everyone in Mzansi.

Now I understand why they say one shouldn’t go back to one’s ex due to some reasons. Few months ago after getting back with the Jerusalema track artist (Master KG), some of the fans were pleased at all, they even had a thought that Master KG was after Makhadzi’s money, do you also believe that? Well, nobody has a straight answer for that.






Few days ago, it was reported that the ‘lovebirds’; Master KG and Makhadzi have broken up, yet they got back with each other not so long ago, can you imagine! Some of the fans even say that their relationship/ love is not genuine, it is forced; do you also think so?

The 26 year-old Ha-Mashamba (Venda), Limpopo born star recently shared this other video of herself on Tik-Tok wearing ‘The Saturday Showdown – team country’ football kits performing that viral challenge “I will be a fool I do go back to my ex-boyfriend”.

Almost everyone among her fans were so surprised and even asked her why she is doing the challenge yet she did go back to Master KG before, and they also believe that she’s going to continue going back to him although she sees that there is no love anymore.

Seems like she has embarrassed herself by sharing that video, especially since she just broke up with Master KG again. The comments from fans were like:

“I don’t understand you! You are saying you won’t go back to your ex boyfriend yet you’ve just done it several times”

“And how come you did with Master KG”

“I don’t believe you Makhadzi”